We like to consider ourselves the best locksmith in Raleigh. However, we know that the word “best” is opinionated. Instead of taking our word for it, see what Raleigh Locksmith Group customers have to say!

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Just read a few reviews from our unbiased commercial and residential locksmith customers!

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  • Adam called me with high professional knowledge of getting into my car for me. He also was there faster than he said he would be. Great job Adam, [I] would recommend these guys to anyone.” – Tyler T.
  • These guys rule. Wyatt helped me at a gas station, just out of goodwill, when a[n] auto repair place gave me a loaner car whose key didn’t even unlock the door. These are good people!” – Joe H.
  • Amazing customer service, Adam is very professional, comes in a timely manner, and he gets the job done in 0.1 seconds.” – Desiree C.
  • “I was told the tech would be at my house in 35 minutes, and he was here right on time. It only took maybe 3 minutes to get my lock open! Adam also showed me how to open it next time and gave me a recommendation regarding how to keep my family safe with the locks I have! I appreciate the timely service and friendly advice!” – Justine D.
  • “Adam was a very good locksmith. He was super cool and had a very nice attitude when approaching me. This is the best person to have unlock anything for you. Super fast and super cool. I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t come unlock my car. Thank you Adam for the help!” -Noah H.
  • “Rumman has great customer service – nice guy, great attitude, and very helpful  – he’s the best.” – Lisa R.
  • “Ramon was absolutely great. He was very quick and professional. Would highly recommend their service.” – Prabha G.
  • “Our mom lost her car keys. She was so distraught over the loss. We contacted Leith Lincoln Car Dealership who recommended Raleigh Locksmith Group. I contacted this company via online chat. Terri did online chat with me to assess the problem and set up an appointment. She was super efficient. Rumman was the technician who came [and] installed the new ignition into our mom’s 1996 Lincoln town car at her house. He charged up mom’s battery with his portable battery pack, took out the old ignition, and soon had the job complete… If you ever do lose your car keys, don’t let it trouble you, just call Raleigh Locksmith Group for help.” – H.

So, how does Raleigh Locksmith Group get such great reviews? 

At Raleigh Locksmith Group, customers are our priority.

Our ratings are based on our excellent customer service. When you hire our professional locksmith team, you can be assured that your needs are our priority. We consider it an honor to help keep you safe, and we take that responsibility seriously. 

Furthermore, at Raleigh Locksmith Group, we treat each locksmith emergency and individual with care. The members of our expert team know that customer is an individual, and each situation is individual. We take the time to listen to and address your concerns and wishes.

Our team is made up of professional locksmith experts.

Raleigh Locksmith Group only hires professional, experienced locksmiths. We’ve been serving Raleigh and the surrounding area for over a decade. That’s right – we can be there for you ASAP even if you need a locksmith in Cary or Durham!

We are also Google Guaranteed. Earning this guarantee requires locksmiths to adhere to strict standards. For example, our employees receive background checks.

Because Raleigh Locksmith Group is a professional service, we are licensed by the NC Locksmith Licensing Board. Never hire a North Carolina locksmith without an updated NC Locksmith License!

Furthermore, our professional team members undergo frequent training to ensure that you get the most up-to-date security solutions. Whether you need a residential, auto, or commercial locksmith in Raleigh or a nearby area, you can trust us to provide the latest techniques. From electronic car transponder keys to top-notch business security, our team has you covered!

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Raleigh Locksmith Group offers state-of-the-art products.

Our customers deserve the best. That’s why Raleigh Locksmith Group selects only secure, advanced products from reliable manufacturers. We order our products from trusted security companies like Baldwin, Schlage, and Medeco.

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We take pride in our affordability.

Since we offer high-quality products, you might be wondering about our prices. As local members of the local community ourselves, we want to see Raleigh and the surrounding area safe. We also have friends and family here, and strive to be responsible citizens.

Because we care about our neighborhoods and customers, we always offer affordable, competitive pricing. Raleigh Locksmith Group will find the security solution that fits your budget. If you would like a pricing estimate for your locksmith needs, give us a call at (919)372-3667.

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Decide for yourself whether we are the “best” Raleigh locksmith!

We would love to have you as a new or returning customer! Raleigh Locksmith Group would also like to thank our neighbors for their positive reviews. We really appreciate it! If you are a customer, and you would like to leave a review, please do!

Raleigh Locksmith Group has served Raleigh and surrounding cities for over a decade. However, we do know that the word “best” is an opinionated word! We do believe that we are the best, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion! That’s why we think you should hear from some of our satisfied clients.

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Here are just a few reviews from our commercial and residential locksmith customers!

“I was told the tech would be at my house in 35 minutes, and he was here right on time. It only took maybe 3 minutes to get my lock open! Adam also showed me how to open it next time and gave me a recommendation regarding how to keep my family safe with the locks I have! I appreciate the timely service and friendly advice!” – Justine D.

“These guys rule. Wyatt helped me at a gas station, just out of goodwill, when a scummy auto repair place gave me a loaner car whose key didn’t even unlock the door. These are good people!” – Joe H.

“Our mom lost her car keys. She was so distraught over the loss. We contacted Leith Lincoln Car Dealership who recommended Raleigh Locksmith Group. I contacted this company via online chat. Terri did online chat with me to assess the problem and set up an appointment. She was super efficient. Rumman was the technician who came [and] installed the new ignition into our mom’s 1996 Lincoln town car at her house. He charged up mom’s battery with his portable battery pack, took out the old ignition, and soon had the job complete… If you ever do lose your car keys, don’t let it trouble you, just call Raleigh Locksmith Group for help.” – H.

“Rumman has great customer service – nice guy, great attitude, and very helpful – he’s the best.” – Lisa R.

At Raleigh Locksmith Group, we would definitely like to thank these customers! We also want to thank all of our customers! Each customer is a valuable individual, and we treat each locksmith case with care. After all, Raleigh is our community, too! We want to keep Wake County a safe place for our families as well as yours!

Our team is also very pleased that many customers return to Raleigh Locksmith Group when different locksmith-related problems arise. Customers often us to their friends and families as well. That’s one reason that we know that we perform great service. You wouldn’t refer someone you care about to a locksmith unless the products and services were top-notch, and neither would we!

Are you wondering how Raleigh Locksmith Group keeps customers so happy?
Here’s a breakdown of our values and what we have to offer our clients.

A Responsible, Trustworthy Raleigh Locksmith

At Raleigh Locksmith Group, our technicians are highly skilled, selectively chosen, and well-trained. Our team strongly believes in each of the following statements. We keep this philosophy close to our hearts and in our minds. Remember, we are there for you!

Each case is a locksmith emergency. When customers call, we know their safety and security might be threatened. Every locksmith case is taken seriously and requires attention ASAP.

Customers and situations are unique. Raleigh Locksmith Group takes considers the state of the locks/keys, what – or who – needs protection, and our customers’ wishes. Our team provides custom, affordable locksmith solutions. This is because the safety of our customers is so important. We also assess homes, vehicles, and buildings for damage and potential security weaknesses.

Locksmith customers. When is comes to locksmiths in Raleigh, we want to be the FIRST choice. We know that we must earn a customer’s trust with integrity, responsibility, and professionalism. The Raleigh Locksmith Group team is focused on customer satisfaction.

A high level of industry knowledge and the ability to use the latest security solutions is one of ” the keys” to being a great locksmith. Because of this we only offer products from top-quality manufacturer, and we constantly work to remain informed of the most up-to-date locksmith techniques and products.

Still not sure if Raleigh Locksmith Group is the best Raleigh locksmith for you?

Give us a call at (919)372-3667.

Or, email us at info@raleighlocksmithgroup.com.

Although we know that the word “best” is opinionated, we would love for you to consider us to be the best locksmith in Raleigh! We would be happy to answer your questions about our licensed and bonded company and our professional services.

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Raleigh Locksmith Group will professionally make you a new transponder key. What’s even better is that we can do this quickly, and we come to you!

We know that missing car key is an emergency and as your Raleigh locksmith service, we encounter this issue frequently. The experience of losing your electronic car key, also known as a transponder key, is very stressful. If you are unable to enter or use your vehicle, not only are you feeling frustrated, but you’ve found yourself in the midst of a security issue as well.

When car owners are in this situation, they often feel vulnerable and sometimes panic. This response is entirely understandable. Your safety and your vehicle are of the utmost importance.

Many people simply do not know how to have the transponder keys to their vehicles replaced. Others have heard the myth that only a dealership is able to make new electronic keys.

Our trusted team is very aware of how serious losing a transponder key is, so we provide our customers with replacement transponder keys which we make on-site. Raleigh Locksmith Group’s dedicated service allows you to save yourself the hassle of dealing with the dealership. This means that you can get back on the road in your vehicle as soon as possible.

How is a transponder key made?

Years of experience and training, plus special equipment allow us to program a new transponder key for your vehicle. We use the same tools as car dealerships to program remote entry keys. After we program your new transponder key, it is able to send a signal to your car’s receiver, which is located near the ignition.

Keep in mind that because transponder keys must be programmed using expertise and advanced instruments, you should only trust a licensed and bonded service like Raleigh Locksmith Group with this task.

How much does it cost to have a new remote entry key made for my car?

Every lockout situation is unique. Factors like the make and model of your car determine the cost of replacing your transponder key. Transponder keys are embedded with microchips, which make them more costly for anyone (including both locksmiths and dealers) to replace.

Give us a call at (919) 372–3667. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate based upon your individual needs.

Do I really need a transponder key for my vehicle?

Yes! A standard key may open the door to your car, but most vehicles with transponder keys will not start without the electronic component to their keys.

In other words, the microchip in the key is necessary to drive the car because it communicates with the ignition system.

Transponder keys are also more secure than older, traditional car keys because they help prevent thieves from “hot wiring” and stealing cars. Once again, most cars with transponder keys will not start unless the key’s microchip or the serial number is detected.

Although no security measure is entirely foolproof, transponder keys are MUCH more efficient than standard keys at protecting your vehicle and any belongings inside it from crooks.

When should I call a locksmith about my remote entry key?

You should call a licensed professional locksmith anytime you need a replacement transponder key or a new battery for your key. Any time your key is lost, stolen, or unresponsive, call us and a member of the experienced local team at Raleigh Locksmith Group will be there to assist you.

Click here to learn more about us.

Raleigh Locksmith Group provides residential and commercial locksmith services. Find out why we should be your first choice!

Our team has been serving Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area for over a decade. Because of our expertise, customer service, timeliness, and affordability, we have earned many long-term clients. Whether you need a commercial locksmith in Cary, a residential locksmith in Durham, or a replacement car key in Raleigh, we are there to help! We prioritize your security and satisfaction.

Hear what our valued local customers are saying about us:

“Roman did great work, affordable. Unlocked my door.” — Carlos D.

“He was very efficient and he knew what the problem was right away. He told me that it had something to do with where I put the new lock. I put it in a safer place as he told me to, and he was just very helpful.” — Anonymous Reviewer, Google Verified Job

“Rumman was very professional. He went out of his way to make sure my property was secure and took time to educate me on the best product for a non-standard door. Thanks again.” — Tiombe R.

“Adam was super nice and fast! He got the job done and was extremely polite! The prices were reasonable and I would recommend to anyone who needs this service!” — Jocelyn C.

“Rumman was very professional and rekeyed my locks perfectly.” — Marie H.

“Adam was a very good locksmith. He was super cool and had a very nice attitude when approaching me. This is the best person to have unlock anything for you. Super fast and super cool. I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t come unlock my car. Thank you Adam for the help!” — Noah H.

“Fast and quick service! Roman did a great job!” — Valedie O.

“Rumman was great! We appreciate what he was able to do and will call again, if we need his services!” — T.M.

“I had a great experience with this company after I was locked out of my car because I lost my key. We found them on Google and they came quickly and we were very impressed the service person’s politeness and friendly attitude.” — Anonymous Google Reviewer

“Rumman is very knowledgeable about locksmith, he was very professional and prompt, he restored my sense of safety. I will be sharing this company with others. Excellent job.” — Tephanie D.

“My company needed the locks changed. Contacted Raleigh Locksmith Group. Their locksmith Rumman arrived the same day. You can’t find a better professional, knowledge person than Rumman!! He’s the best!! Highly recommend Rumman.” — Robert P.

“These guys rule. Wyatt helped me at a gas station just out of good will when a scummy auto repair place gave me a loaner car whose key didn’t even unlock the door. These are good people!” — Joe H.

Ok, Wake County, we’re blushing! And thank you to all of our wonderful customers who contact us for our services!

Why is Raleigh Locksmith Group so highly recommended?

  • We know each case is unique. The safety of your business, home, and vehicle are very important to us and you deserve a custom solution.
  • Our excellent technicians provide prompt services and offer safety measures from top brands at an affordable price.
  • Raleigh Locksmith Group does it all. From new car transponder keys, to push bars for your business, we can handle the job.
  • Because we are established members of the local community, we care about our neighbors and their protection.
  • Since we are a licensed and bonded professional locksmith service and we are Google Guaranteed, customers know they can count on us!

Learn more about our superb, secure company!

Or, give us a call at (919)372–3667. We would be happy to give you a free estimate! Click here to return to our home page.

At Raleigh Locksmith Group, we often hear security questions like this. We are here to provide you with the information that you need so that you can make informed decisions about the security of your home, business, and auto. If you need a reliable, helpful locksmith near you, and you live in Raleigh or the surrounding area, you’ve found the right locksmith team!

So, let’s review how deadbolts work and why they are important safety features. You might be wondering if you should install deadbolts for your home or business. We recommend that you do so because a deadbolt is more secure than a traditional lock.

What is a deadbolt?

A deadbolt contains a bolt that can only be unlocked when the exterior knob is moved or when a key is inserted. Unlike traditional locks, deadbolts do not rely upon the action of a spring. Since a deadbolt does not use a spring, it cannot be “jimmied open.” In comparison, many standard locks can often be opened with objects such as knives. In other words, standard locks are less effective than deadbolts.

The expert Raleigh Locksmith Group team installs “single cylinder deadbolts,” “dual cylinder deadbolts,” and “keyless cylinder deadbolts.” Here’s a look at the difference between these three types of deadbolts:

  • Single cylinder deadbolt: These security devices have one side which contains a keyhole. This is the exterior-facing side. On the interior-facing side, there is a knob that can be turned in order to to unlock the deadbolt. Consider that single cylinder deadbolts can be opened without a key, since one side has a knob. Therefore, they should be installed only on doors that are NOT made out of glass and are NOT near windows. This is because a potential intruder could break the glass and turn the knob. However, single cylinder deadbolts are still superior to traditional locks. If criminal used force and noise to break glass, this action would alert anyone in or near the building.
  • Dual cylinder deadbolt: A dual cylinder deadbolt can ONLY be unlocked with a key. The interior-facing side of the deadbolt does not contain a knob which may be turned. In other words, there is a keyhole on each side of the deadbolt. Raleigh Locksmith Group recommends dual cylinder deadbolts instead of a single cylinder deadbolts in cases in which there is glass on or near the door. NOTE: Building and fire codes may vary. Sometimes, double-cylinder deadbolts are prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Keyless cylinder deadbolt: These are the technologically advanced type of deadbolts. They can be unlocked by your fingerprint or a numerical passcode. One benefit that a keyless cylinder deadbolt provides is that you do not need to keep a deadbolt key with you. (It is very frustrating and inconvenient to lose or misplace the key to your home or business and become locked out!)

Choose Raleigh Locksmith Group to install a deadbolt?

Our team offers the highest-quality security equipment at affordable prices. We carefully select deadbolts and other security devices with your safety in mind. Raleigh Locksmith Group has served Raleigh and the neighboring areas for over a decade, so we have the deadbolt installation expertise you need.

Here are some deadbolt security measures we always take into consideration:

  • The collars of cylindrical locks should be free-spinning and correctly tapered. This design feature makes it difficult for potential intruders to grip the collar with pliers or other tools.
  • The bolt must be the correct diameter and made from durable hardened steel.
  • The connecting screws must be the appropriate length and diameter. They should also be properly inserted into solid metal fittings.
  • Connecting screws should always face inwards; you would not want someone to break into your property by using a screwdriver or drill!
  • Deadbolts should come from reliable security device manufacturers, such as Schlage, Kwikset, and Medeco.

You will be fully satisfied with our deadbolt information services. For more information about our vast array of other security options, visit our home page or call us at (919)372–3667. We love being your trusted locksmith! Keeping you safe is our passion.

The Raleigh Locksmith Group team encounters keys broken in locks often. There are a few different reasons why keys people end up in this situation. We’ll review these reasons, what you should do if your key breaks off inside a lock. We will also tell you how to prevent broken keys and give you some tips on how you may be able to fix the situation yourself. Remember, if your key is broken or stuck inside a lock, we can quickly create a replacement key for you or rekey your lock! You can call us at 919-372-3667.

broken key

Image Source: Andew Wieser

So, why do keys break off inside locks?

Image Source: Steve Bowbrick

Here are some common reasons why keys break inside locks, or get stuck in locks:

  • The key is old, and daily use has resulted in a lot of “wear and tear.”
  • The lock itself faulty or malfunctioning.
  • The lock has not been properly maintained with lubricant.
  • If you used a lot of force, and the soft metal of the key snapped under pressure.
  • The key or lock was made by a low-quality manufacturer.

What to do if your key has broken inside a lock, or is stuck in a lock:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Act quickly if you break your key off inside a lock. If the key broke off while the door was unlocked, your vehicle, home, or office is no longer secure and is at risk of theft. On the other hand, if the key broke off while the door was locked, you are now locked out of your property. Regardless of whether or not the door was locked when the key broke, leaving the broken key in the door can cause permanent damage to the lock.

We would love to be your trusted emergency locksmith if you break a key in a lock.

If you live in Raleigh or the surrounding area, call Raleigh Locksmith Group at (919)372–3667. Our customer-focused locksmith company is licensed and bonded, and we have a team of highly-trained technicians. We’re affordable, reliable, and highly rated!

That being said, it may be possible for you to remove the broken key yourself.

We would like to share some unbiased tips about how you may try to remove the broken lock.

  1. Check to see if part of the key is sticking out of the lock. Even if only a small portion of the broken key is protruding, consider yourself lucky!
  2. If a large portion of the key is sticking out, try pinching the key between two fingers to withdraw it. Please be careful if you choose to do this and consider your safety. You do not want to cut your fingers on a broken key. A pair of leather gloves may come in handy.
  3. If a smaller portion of the key is visible outside the lock, you may be able to withdraw it using needle nose pliers. This method also has drawbacks. Be very gentle. You do not want to snap off the protruding portion of the key and leave part of the key inside the lock.
  4. If the key is not protruding from the lock, some individuals recommend inserting a tiny flathead screwdriver into the lock to try to remove the key. In our experience, this method tends to do more harm than good, often damaging the lock. For this reason, we recommend calling Raleigh Locksmith Group at (919)372-3667 if the broken key is not sticking out from the lock.

Get replacement locks and keys:

If your key breaks off in your lock, you will likely need a replacement key. Raleigh Locksmith Group will quickly and affordably perform this service for you. Whether you need to replace a key to your home, or an electronic transponder key to your vehicle, we are here to help. Raleigh Locksmith Group can also check your lock for damage, and we conveniently and professionally install, repair, and rekey locks and deadbolts.

new keys

Image Source: Florian Berger

Prevent broken keys:

  • If your key appears to be damaged, it’s time to get rid of it. Make sure that you have at least one reliable key and one reliable spare. Throw out any key looks bent or otherwise seems to be problematic.
  • You should also apply a silicone-based lubricant spray to the keyhole once every 6 months. This maintenance step should also be taken if you notice a friction, sticking, or grinding when you try to use the lock.
  • Don’t try to force keys into locks if the lock feels “stuck.” If you do this, you are likely to damage your lock or key. Hint: call us for help!

Get in touch with a professional Raleigh locksmith

We recommend saving the Raleigh Locksmith Group number now: 919-372-3667. Add us to your contact list before you have an emergency so that you can reach us immediately and receive peace of mind. For more information about our top-rated services and solutions, visit our About page. Raleigh Locksmith Group has provided highly recommended service to Raleigh and the surrounding area for over a decade. Let us impress you!

Raleigh Locksmith Group is an experienced commercial locksmith team. We have satisfied and secured many local businesses with our safety solutions.

Wondering when you should hire a commercial locksmith?

Raleigh Locksmith Group is here with the information you need about rekeying and replacing your commercial locks. Since we are local business professionals ourselves, we understand that it is an absolute necessity to keep your commercial property secure! As a business owner, it is crucial that you are aware of when it is time to change the locks and other safety measures that protect your workspace, store, or warehouse. It is important to ensure the safety of your clients, workers, merchandise, money, and information.

Therefore, it’s vital to make sure that your security is updated and functioning properly at all times.

Here are some common instances when you definitely need a commercial locksmith:

  • You should rekey or replace your locks anytime time a key to your business is unaccounted for, even if the key becomes relocated later. It only takes a few minutes for a key to be copied, even if it is labeled with a “do not recopy” warning.
  • If several other people have had access to your keys in the past, it’s time to make a change.
  • Whenever employees have left your business, whether on their own terms, or because they have been asked to resign, you should absolutely update the security of your establishment. While this is always true, it is definitely an emergency locksmith situation if you are dealing with a disgruntled employee or a worker who has been suspected of prior misconduct.
  • If housekeepers or construction crews have been given access to your key, especially for an extended amount of time, your locks should be rekeyed or replaced.
  • When you move into a new office or other commercial space, you should rekey or replace your business locks. Ensure the protection of your employees, confidential information, and any assets on the premises. Remember, when you move into a new commercial space, it’s impossible to know for sure if someone has copies of the keys.
  • Locks which are broken or have missing keys should be replaced or rekeyed immediately.

Commercial Locksmith Rekeying Services

You should only hire a licensed and bonded commercial locksmith to meet your business needs. Raleigh Locksmith Group provides proudly holds these credentials. We are licensed by the NC Locksmith Licensing Board. We only offer trustworthy, dedicated services. We will affordably meet your needs with our experienced commercial locksmith team members.

Our experts will quickly meet you on-site and resolve your commercial locksmith emergency. We perform technologically advanced procedures and are highly recommended by other businesses in our local community. Here are some of the commercial rekeying services which we provide:

  • We securely rekey both standard and high-security locksets.
  • Our team knowledgeably rekeys exit bars and deadbolts with ease and experience.
  • Raleigh Locksmith Group also rekeys padlocks and (interchangeable core) IC cores.

Commercial Locksmith Replacement Services

Our trained professionals also expertly replace standard and high-security locksets as well as IC cores, exit bars, and padlocks. These tasks require advanced equipment, tools, and training, and hardware. Replacing a lock may be necessary is a lock is damaged due to age and extended use, or if it has been badly damaged. Sometimes, clients also choose to replace their commercial lock sets for aesthetic purposes or to make their business more accessible for customers, including those with disabilities.

Contact Raleigh Locksmith Group for Your Business Security Needs

Consult us about your commercial needs at any time! We thoroughly consider your individual business and evaluate your particular case, budget, and wishes. This allows us to provide you with the resolution that will best meet the ultimate goal of keeping your business secure at an affordable price. We welcome questions and comments and we are happy to respond to pricing inquiries, which we are based upon your specific case and requirements. Let us work for you!

Safeguarding your business is our business.

We are delighted to provide you with our outstanding services. You can give us a call at (919) 372–3667 for a quote or to hire us! If you prefer to send a message, email us at info@raleighlocksmithgroup.com. Click here to return to our home page.

Raleigh Locksmith Group is your emergency locksmith!

Let us get your keys back in your hands with our fast, affordable service.

We'll get your car keys back to you ASAP!

If you need a Raleigh locksmith, we are your local, trusted team. We frequently help people in Raleigh and neighboring areas with their auto emergencies. It is very common to accidentally lock keys inside a vehicle. While we love to have your business, you safety and knowledge is important to us. There may be some steps that you can take to get your keys back safely before calling a locksmith.

If you DO need a locksmith in now, call Raleigh Locksmith Group at (919)372-3667.

Let’s review the steps you should take if you encounter this problem. Then, we’ll explain you how our experts can help you if you accidentally lock your keys inside your car.

What you should do if you lock your keys in your vehicle:

  1. Remain calm and make sure that you are in a safe location.

    If you feel that you are in an unsafe location, it might be a good idea to enter a nearby store or restaurant. Emergencies can be distracting. Therefore, you should be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Check to make sure that you do not have a spare auto key with you.

    Sometimes, people forget about spare keys that they have placed in pockets or purses.
  3. If you are not able to locate a spare key immediately and there is a small child in your vehicle, call the local emergency department (911) immediately.

    First responders will come right away and save the child in your vehicle. In the meantime, block the interior of the vehicle from sunlight as much as you can. If you have access a coat or a towel, these items can be used to cover the windows. Remember not panic. Track the number of minutes the child is in the car. That information may be helpful to EMTs.

    Although you might be tempted to try to break the window to the vehicle immediately, keep in mind that doing so could injure you or the child. Trust the experts. The 911 operator can give you advice.
  4. Try to remember if someone else has a key to your car.

    Does a family member, roommate, or friend have access to a copy of your auto key? If so, you can call that person for help. However, if no one else has a key to your car, or it will take them a long time to arrive, proceed to Step 5.
  5. Call Raleigh Locksmith Group at (919) 372–3667.

    One of our experts will arrive promptly. You’ll quickly regain access to your vehicle at an affordable price. Even if you are out of town and need a locksmith in Cary, we’ll be there quickly.

Raleigh Locksmith Group prioritizes your security. We know that being locked out of your car is a locksmith emergency!

What you should NOT do if you lock your keys in your vehicle:

Image result for x

  • Please do NOT call a locksmith company that is not licensed and bonded.

    You should never hire a locksmith company that is uninsured, unlicensed, or inexperienced. In order to protect your welfare, the North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Act states that only licensed companies may perform locksmith services in NC. We responsibly update our license with NC Locksmith Licensing Board and we are a bonded company.
  • DON’T try to break a car window, door, or lock.

    Getting your key back is not worth hurting yourself or damaging your vehicle.
  • Do NOT try to pick a lock on your car.

    Of course, intentionally breaking a lock will destroy part of your car. However, if you try to pick the lock, you will probably end up with the same result: a damaged vehicle. Only a professional locksmith should work on your vehicle’s locks. “Do-it-yourself” projects can be fun, but picking your auto lock is not a Pinterest “DIY” adventure. A little patience will save you a lot of frustration and money. We will be there as soon as possible and solve the problem.

Relax, Raleigh Locksmith Group is on your team!

A few final thoughts:

It’s a great idea to have a plan in place for emergencies like locking your keys in your car.

Unexpected situations should always be expected. Keeping this in mind can help you deal with unplanned events when they happen. Add Raleigh Locksmith Group to your contact list – (919) 372–3667. This way, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll reach us when you need a professional locksmith.

Sometimes people lose or misplace car keys. If your key isn’t inside your car, and you don’t know where it is, we can help with that too.

Our expert technicians can quickly rekey cars with missing keys. We can even make new electronic transponder car keys – just like a car dealership can! Raleigh Locksmith Group uses the same technology as car dealers do to make auto keys with microchips. We will meet you wherever your car is and offer you an affordable price and excellent service.

We love to hear from our local community.

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Raleigh Locksmith Group is your reliable security partner. We are a professional, bonded company, and are we are licensed by the state of North Carolina. You need an expert professional you can trust to solve your locksmith emergency. If you need an emergency locksmith in Raleigh, count on us.

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Over the past decade, Raleigh Locksmith Group has provided excellent emergency locksmith services to Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area. At Raleigh Locksmith Group, we always value our customers and their time. That’s why our engineers will arrive and on the site promptly.

In a locksmith emergency, people often feel stressed, afraid, and frustrated. It is definitely normal to be upset during a locksmith emergency! Your personal safety and the security of your property may be at risk. Be assured that our team will resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We’ll provide the best solution to any of you locksmith needs, emergency or otherwise.

You deserve protection and access to your property. Raleigh Locksmith Group will restore the security to you and give you the peace of mind you need. Your security is our priority, and we will handle your locksmith crisis with high-quality work, care, and efficiency.

Our locksmith emergency services include, but are not limited to:

  • Interior and exterior door lockouts
  • Commercial lockout services
  • Auto lockouts
  • Car keys which are defective
  • Vehicle locks that are stuck or broken
  • Car key duplication, including transponder keys
  • Digital keyless entry emergencies
  • Rekeying services for your home or business
  • Deadbolt lockouts and deadbolt replacement
  • Removal of broken keys from locks and bolts

It is crucial to reach a professional quickly during a locksmith emergency. For this reason, Raleigh Locksmith Group recommends saving our number, (919)372–3667. Add us to your contact list now!

Saving our number is an excellent proactive security measure. It is important that you reach us right away, even if you are stranded in a location without an internet connection. Unfortunately, locksmith emergencies do not always happen at the most convenient times.

We know that we can resolve your locksmith emergency in a timely, cost-effective, and satisfying manner. Rely on us to resolve any locksmith crisis you experience and become one of our highly impressed customers. If you still aren’t convinced, hear what our pleased customers have to say about how we handled their emergencies!

Raleigh Locksmith Group frequently earns 5-star reviews.
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  • “Thank you Rumman for getting me a replacement key for my car. You saved the day. Highly recommended.” — Ali A.
  • “Adam was a very good locksmith. He was super cool and had a very nice attitude when approaching me. This is the best person to have unlock anything for you. Super fast and super cool. I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t come unlock my car. Thank you Adam for the help!” — Noah H.
  • “Roman did great work, affordable. Unlocked my door.” — Carlos D.
  • “Rumman was awesome. He was on time and was able to quickly get my kids and I back inside when we got locked out. He checked my locks and gave me recommendations for replacements so that we don’t get locked out again. He was very professional and I would recommend him. I will be using him to replace our locks soon.” — Alyson L.

At Raleigh Locksmith Group, every experienced engineer is trained to teach each individual situation as unique. That’s why you can rely on us to put the time and attention to detail required into solving your locksmith emergency! Allow us to become your dependable locksmith service and learn why we receive so many recommendations our excellent customer-centered services.

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Great, Raleigh Locksmith Group is here to help! We have been serving Raleigh and the surrounding area for over a decade. Let our team be your trusted home security partners.

Raleigh Locksmith Group provides many residential locksmith services, including, but not limited to:

  • Residential Lock Installation and Replacement
  • Residential Lock Repair
  • Residential Lock Maintenance
  • Master Keying Services
  • Key Duplication Services
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Key Replacement
  • Delivery of fire resistant and water resistant safes, including gun safes.
  • Electronic and Standard Deadbolt Installation

Whether you’ve had an emergency or your home needs upgraded security maintenance, give Raleigh Locksmith Group a call at (919)372–3667.

Baldwin deadbolt image from www.baldwinhardware.com.

We treat each individual locksmith situation with courtesy and care because we value every one of our customers. When you give us a call, one of our expert engineers will arrive promptly and provide you with the best solutions to your residential locksmith needs. Raleigh Locksmith Group provides quality services and products at affordable prices and we prioritize your security and comfort.

Here are a few of our most popular products:

Schlage deadbolt image from www.schlage.com.

  • Assa Abloy: This company provides remarkably well-made high-security locks, and we offer these products for both residential and commercial locksmith needs.
  • Baldwin Products: Baldwin provides top-quality, hand-crafted locks that are attractive, yet effective. We also offer handle sets, deadbolts, levers, knobs, electronic locks, and lock accessories from this brand.
  • Emtek: Emtek provides trusted residential cylindrical and mortise locks at a great price.
  • Kwikset: This renowned brand manufactures quality handle sets, deadbolts, levers, knobs, and electronic locks.
  • Mul-T-Lock: This is an excellent high-security lock, and we offer it when we perform commercial locksmith services and residential locksmith services.
  • Medeco Products: Medeco produces high-security locks, deadbolts, levers, knobs, electronic locks, and lock accessories. We are pleased to offer these excellent products to you.
  • Schlage: Raleigh Locksmith Group is proud to offer residential locks and deadbolts from this top-of-the-line brand.
  • Stanley: Our team trusts the quality of this brand for hinges, door accessories, and other home hardware needs, such as removable locks.
  • Omnia: Omnia provides finely-crafted, beautiful security solutions, such as lock sets. Allow one of our experts to suggest and install the right Omnia products for you.

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