Raleigh Locksmith Group is an experienced commercial locksmith team. We have satisfied and secured many local businesses with our safety solutions.

Wondering when you should hire a commercial locksmith?

Raleigh Locksmith Group is here with the information you need about rekeying and replacing your commercial locks. Since we are local business professionals ourselves, we understand that it is an absolute necessity to keep your commercial property secure! As a business owner, it is crucial that you are aware of when it is time to change the locks and other safety measures that protect your workspace, store, or warehouse. It is important to ensure the safety of your clients, workers, merchandise, money, and information.

Therefore, it’s vital to make sure that your security is updated and functioning properly at all times.

Here are some common instances when you definitely need a commercial locksmith:

  • You should rekey or replace your locks anytime time a key to your business is unaccounted for, even if the key becomes relocated later. It only takes a few minutes for a key to be copied, even if it is labeled with a “do not recopy” warning.
  • If several other people have had access to your keys in the past, it’s time to make a change.
  • Whenever employees have left your business, whether on their own terms, or because they have been asked to resign, you should absolutely update the security of your establishment. While this is always true, it is definitely an emergency locksmith situation if you are dealing with a disgruntled employee or a worker who has been suspected of prior misconduct.
  • If housekeepers or construction crews have been given access to your key, especially for an extended amount of time, your locks should be rekeyed or replaced.
  • When you move into a new office or other commercial space, you should rekey or replace your business locks. Ensure the protection of your employees, confidential information, and any assets on the premises. Remember, when you move into a new commercial space, it’s impossible to know for sure if someone has copies of the keys.
  • Locks which are broken or have missing keys should be replaced or rekeyed immediately.

Commercial Locksmith Rekeying Services

You should only hire a licensed and bonded commercial locksmith to meet your business needs. Raleigh Locksmith Group provides proudly holds these credentials. We are licensed by the NC Locksmith Licensing Board. We only offer trustworthy, dedicated services. We will affordably meet your needs with our experienced commercial locksmith team members.

Our experts will quickly meet you on-site and resolve your commercial locksmith emergency. We perform technologically advanced procedures and are highly recommended by other businesses in our local community. Here are some of the commercial rekeying services which we provide:

  • We securely rekey both standard and high-security locksets.
  • Our team knowledgeably rekeys exit bars and deadbolts with ease and experience.
  • Raleigh Locksmith Group also rekeys padlocks and (interchangeable core) IC cores.

Commercial Locksmith Replacement Services

Our trained professionals also expertly replace standard and high-security locksets as well as IC cores, exit bars, and padlocks. These tasks require advanced equipment, tools, and training, and hardware. Replacing a lock may be necessary is a lock is damaged due to age and extended use, or if it has been badly damaged. Sometimes, clients also choose to replace their commercial lock sets for aesthetic purposes or to make their business more accessible for customers, including those with disabilities.

Contact Raleigh Locksmith Group for Your Business Security Needs

Consult us about your commercial needs at any time! We thoroughly consider your individual business and evaluate your particular case, budget, and wishes. This allows us to provide you with the resolution that will best meet the ultimate goal of keeping your business secure at an affordable price. We welcome questions and comments and we are happy to respond to pricing inquiries, which we are based upon your specific case and requirements. Let us work for you!

Safeguarding your business is our business.

We are delighted to provide you with our outstanding services. You can give us a call at (919) 372–3667 for a quote or to hire us! If you prefer to send a message, email us at info@raleighlocksmithgroup.com. Click here to return to our home page.

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