At Raleigh Locksmith Group, we often hear security questions like this. We are here to provide you with the information that you need so that you can make informed decisions about the security of your home, business, and auto. If you need a reliable, helpful locksmith near you, and you live in Raleigh or the surrounding area, you’ve found the right locksmith team!

So, let’s review how deadbolts work and why they are important safety features. You might be wondering if you should install deadbolts for your home or business. We recommend that you do so because a deadbolt is more secure than a traditional lock.

What is a deadbolt?

A deadbolt contains a bolt that can only be unlocked when the exterior knob is moved or when a key is inserted. Unlike traditional locks, deadbolts do not rely upon the action of a spring. Since a deadbolt does not use a spring, it cannot be “jimmied open.” In comparison, many standard locks can often be opened with objects such as knives. In other words, standard locks are less effective than deadbolts.

The expert Raleigh Locksmith Group team installs “single cylinder deadbolts,” “dual cylinder deadbolts,” and “keyless cylinder deadbolts.” Here’s a look at the difference between these three types of deadbolts:

  • Single cylinder deadbolt: These security devices have one side which contains a keyhole. This is the exterior-facing side. On the interior-facing side, there is a knob that can be turned in order to to unlock the deadbolt. Consider that single cylinder deadbolts can be opened without a key, since one side has a knob. Therefore, they should be installed only on doors that are NOT made out of glass and are NOT near windows. This is because a potential intruder could break the glass and turn the knob. However, single cylinder deadbolts are still superior to traditional locks. If criminal used force and noise to break glass, this action would alert anyone in or near the building.
  • Dual cylinder deadbolt: A dual cylinder deadbolt can ONLY be unlocked with a key. The interior-facing side of the deadbolt does not contain a knob which may be turned. In other words, there is a keyhole on each side of the deadbolt. Raleigh Locksmith Group recommends dual cylinder deadbolts instead of a single cylinder deadbolts in cases in which there is glass on or near the door. NOTE: Building and fire codes may vary. Sometimes, double-cylinder deadbolts are prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Keyless cylinder deadbolt: These are the technologically advanced type of deadbolts. They can be unlocked by your fingerprint or a numerical passcode. One benefit that a keyless cylinder deadbolt provides is that you do not need to keep a deadbolt key with you. (It is very frustrating and inconvenient to lose or misplace the key to your home or business and become locked out!)

Choose Raleigh Locksmith Group to install a deadbolt?

Our team offers the highest-quality security equipment at affordable prices. We carefully select deadbolts and other security devices with your safety in mind. Raleigh Locksmith Group has served Raleigh and the neighboring areas for over a decade, so we have the deadbolt installation expertise you need.

Here are some deadbolt security measures we always take into consideration:

  • The collars of cylindrical locks should be free-spinning and correctly tapered. This design feature makes it difficult for potential intruders to grip the collar with pliers or other tools.
  • The bolt must be the correct diameter and made from durable hardened steel.
  • The connecting screws must be the appropriate length and diameter. They should also be properly inserted into solid metal fittings.
  • Connecting screws should always face inwards; you would not want someone to break into your property by using a screwdriver or drill!
  • Deadbolts should come from reliable security device manufacturers, such as Schlage, Kwikset, and Medeco.

You will be fully satisfied with our deadbolt information services. For more information about our vast array of other security options, visit our home page or call us at (919)372–3667. We love being your trusted locksmith! Keeping you safe is our passion.

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